2013…A New Year…A New Outlook


Taken on a walk across the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn as the sun was setting

Taken on a walk across the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn as the sun was setting

I am sure I’ve made resolutions before. I’m sure I’ve broken most, if not all, of them. I like the idea of resolutions but know I will fail if I call them that. Who doesn’t want to do some things differently or new things or stop doing dumb things? So instead of resolutions, I wanted to throw some changes out there that I’d like to see happen and things I’d like to work on as we start a new year.

To Do or Change

  1. Find a job – not really a new thing but a necessary thing
  2. Work on skills to help land a job – refresh myself on Microsoft Office (especially Excel and Power Point)
  3. Officially learn how to use my DSLR – I’ve had it for years and as you may notice, I absolutely love taking photos but I’ve never learned what my camera can really do and have lazily used my iPhone for most photos in the last year or two. It’s lighter and easier to use so that is my excuse but I live in New York! I can at least do a few photography specific outings here and there to use my “good camera” more often
  4. Try to be patient while making new meals (I aspire to be a good cook but I hate cooking…not sure how this will work out for me in the long run)
  5. Brush my dog more often…she is beautiful and I feel like a bad dog mom with as much as I neglect this step. As a sheltie, she is in need of very regular brushings…but she hates them so I don’t like to do it!
  6. Read more – Started out doing great but with all the moving this year and new surroundings to learn, I haven’t read a book in months. First step was taken yesterday by getting my Brooklyn Public Library card and checking out a book
  7. Drink less coffee, drink more water…not doing so well here but I’m limiting myself to two cups a day which is good for me
  8. Eat less meat, eat more veggies – I’ve improved this compared to past years but I need to be better. And need to remember fries are NOT a veggie
  9. Actually use recipes I’ve taken out of magazines so I know if I should actually be keeping or tossing them
  10. Also go through cookbooks to try new recipes so I know if the space they are taking in my little apartments is worth it
  11. Be more timely in response to correspondence whether it is email or actual mail – I had big plans to send out Xmas cards to everyone and only did one small round. I received some great ones but it just got to be too late to return the favor without looking ridiculous. Solution? I’ll be sending NYC postcards out so send your address over to me if you’d like one 🙂 I have even toyed with the idea of just getting photos I’ve taken printed & sending them as postcards but will have to verify if that’s an ok thing to do…anyone?

And the biggest fail is that I want to post here more often and it’s been quite awhile since I did…In fact, I started this blog post on 1/2/13 and am just now finishing it. Better late than never?