Employed and on the move

As is typical of my blogging adventures, life gets a little busy and then I forget all about my blog. I may be starting a new one but we’ll see how things go.

Our time in NY is over and it’s really very bittersweet. I love the city – it’s still my favorite place I’ve ever lived/been – but the rent truly is outrageous and life is so busy when you’re working you don’t get the time to truly enjoy the reason you’re here in the first place.

We are headed back to Arizona, which after this past terrible winter is very welcome. I’m glad to be going after the summer is nearly over (I head out on Friday) and in time for the best parts of the year. I look forward to Spring Training in February and the ability to travel a little more because we have people we trust that are able to take care of our animals.



My New Etsy Shop – The Shutter Clicked

So it is official, my new shop on Etsy, The Shutter Clicked, has opened for business with a small sampling of some photos I’ve worked on. This will expand dramatically over time but it’s a start 🙂 I have my first sale (thanks Patti!) and a few special requests of photos that aren’t up yet that people have seen on my Instagram site or on Facebook. I love this! It is so exciting that people like my photos enough to want them in their homes!

The problem with Instagram is that the photos are square and may have filters and edits from multiple phone programs so they are grainy and just not good on print in my opinion. But really, the problem is minimal in most cases as I just take the originals and work on them using my computer instead. The result is often not exactly the same due to different programs and filtering options but the photo is more clear and often, I like them better than the Instagram versions.

So I guess what this means is, if you have seen my Instagram account and have any requests from there, I plan to rework the photo, share it with you to make sure you like it and then I will list it for purchase so you don’t feel obligated if you end up not liking the new version. And seriously, I can take it if you don’t like it 🙂

Coming soon…

I will be starting an Etsy shop for my photos soon. I hope those who have told me they are great really mean it and this could be a nice little reward for the fun I have taking photos. Time will tell! I’ve been busy applying for jobs like crazy this week trying to get something permanent and steady as opposed to this little part-time job I’ve been doing which is fine but won’t exactly pay the bills. I hope to open the shop within a week with a few of my favorite photos and add to it as things sell. 

Here’s hoping!

I made this today. It’s quite tasty but I think I left it in a few minutes too long…and I can’t get it out of the pan. Ah well, at least it turned out better than dinner!



I almost gave up on making Cinnamon Streusel Banana Bread. I had tried several different recipes that sounded really good, but was disappointed with how they turned out. They were okay, but not nearly as good as I thought they would be. I decided to make one more attempt. I searched again and found this recipe at Canadian Living. I’m not sure why this particular recipe caught my attention, because I’m usually drawn to recipes that have photos–and there wasn’t a photo shown with this one. But for some reason, I decided I needed to try this out, and I am so glad I did!

I changed the recipe a little by doubling the streusel mixture…and then instead of just sprinkling the streusel on top of the bread before baking, I also sprinkled a layer of streusel in the batter itself–and that’s what made it so good! If…

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Time Out NY subscription

Since I have no job this year, we are not really doing the Christmas thing but I would love to somehow end up with a subscription to this magazine so I have an endless list of things to do that are free as well as things I can pay for once I do land a job 🙂

Or tickets to for entrance to the MOMA or Guggenheim. When I can pay to get in, I won’t have time to go!

edited as I’ve been informed the Met has an entrance policy of donation 🙂 i can do that!