I made this today. It’s quite tasty but I think I left it in a few minutes too long…and I can’t get it out of the pan. Ah well, at least it turned out better than dinner!



I almost gave up on making Cinnamon Streusel Banana Bread. I had tried several different recipes that sounded really good, but was disappointed with how they turned out. They were okay, but not nearly as good as I thought they would be. I decided to make one more attempt. I searched again and found this recipe at Canadian Living. I’m not sure why this particular recipe caught my attention, because I’m usually drawn to recipes that have photos–and there wasn’t a photo shown with this one. But for some reason, I decided I needed to try this out, and I am so glad I did!

I changed the recipe a little by doubling the streusel mixture…and then instead of just sprinkling the streusel on top of the bread before baking, I also sprinkled a layer of streusel in the batter itself–and that’s what made it so good! If…

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Time Out NY subscription

Since I have no job this year, we are not really doing the Christmas thing but I would love to somehow end up with a subscription to this magazine so I have an endless list of things to do that are free as well as things I can pay for once I do land a job 🙂

Or tickets to for entrance to the MOMA or Guggenheim. When I can pay to get in, I won’t have time to go!

edited as I’ve been informed the Met has an entrance policy of donation 🙂 i can do that!